Custom Requests

One of our more popular items are our custom portraits. 

Each custom request is hand drawn by Grace and is 100% unique and custom. 
Prices for these requests vary depending on the size, number of figures in the drawing and the amount of detail needed in your custom request.
Please fill out the form below to get in touch with Grace regarding a custom portrait and from there all details will be handled over e-mail

Price Estimates

Family Doodle (1-5 Figures) - $30
Family Doodle (5+ Figures) - Request a quote 

House Drawing - $50 

Minimalist Line Portrait (1-5 figures) - $40
Minimalist Line Portrait (5+ Figures) - Request a quote

*Standard Size of print is 8x10 but can go larger if required*

Custom orders only accepted from July 15th - November 15th
and are subject to availability. This allows for enough time
to get custom orders in and ready for Christmas